Keynote speaker:

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Dr. Chris Bateman is a game designer, outsider philosopher and author, best known for the games Discworld Noir and Ghost Master, the books Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames, 21st Century Game Design and Beyond Game Design: Nine Steps Toward Creating Better Videogames, and his eclectic philosophy blog Only a Game. Until 2012, Bateman was the managing director of International Hobo Ltd, a consultancy specialising in market-oriented game design and narrative, which he still consults with. He has worked on more than forty published games and is currently pursuing research into the neurobiology and aesthetics of play at University of Bolton, where he has earned a PhD by Publication on the basis of his work.constellations workshops.

Chris’s talk is entitled: How to be a Traveller in an Ethical Universe! 

His talk will allow of interaction, and will be followed by short Q+A, and table discussions.


Panel Debates:

Fri 2nd June: Politics of Community Philosophy?  Featuring 

Can philosophy be a dynamic for change/activism regarding how we think and what we can do socially and politically? Can community philosophy influence society – should it? Or does it serve only as a quiet guide to everyday individual life? Round table discussions to follow

21.00  Stand Up Philosophers:

  1. Paul Doran: The Confidence Trick


*Sat 3rd June: What is Morality? Featuring……………………

Round table discussions to follow

*Sat 3rd June: Animal Rights?   Featuring………………..

Round table discussions to follow

*Sun 4th June: Ideology versus Philosophy  Featuring…………

Round table discussions to follow