Saturday 3rd June


Saturday 3rd June

09.15: Assemble in Sefton Room

09.30: Panel debate: What is Morality? Featuring …

(followed by round-table discussions)

11.00: Tea & Coffee,  Main lounge and Sefton room

12.45: Lunch in The Crosby Room

14.00: Guest speaker: Chris Bateman 

Award-winning game designer and acclaimed philosopher Dr Chris Bateman was the first person in the world to attain a doctorate in the aesthetics of play and games, and has worked on nearly fifty published games. His ‘imaginative investigations’ trilogy won praise from Mary Midgley, Kendall Walton, Allen Wood, Joanna Zylinska, and Michael Moorcock. The first book, Imaginary Games (2011) examines imagination in games and art, asking if games can be art or whether all art is a kind of game. The second, The Mythology of Evolution (2012), explores the role of imagination in the sciences, asking if it possible to present the story of life without distorting it. The final book, Chaos Ethics (2014), considers the role of imagination in morality, and defends a concept of moral chaos. His latest book is the brief enquiry Wikipedia Knows Nothing(available as a free PDF via, which claims that knowledge is best understood as a practice.

Chris’ presentation is entitled:

How to Be a Traveller in an Ethical Multiverse – 

which will take the audience on a journey through time, space, and the parallel phenomenological worlds we all live in. It will be followed by a spirited Q&A, table discussions,

16.00: Organisers national gathering: Annual report, area/group reports, sharing experiences, discussion (All welcome) – Or Guided Tour of Turner Prize winning streets. Or, of course, free time to do as you wish. 

18.00: Dinner in Crosby Room.

19.30:  Panel debate:  Animal Rights? Featuring Paul Doran (Liverpool) 

 (followed by table discussions and comments from tables)

21.30: Relax with music, conversation and song in Crosby Room bar. All contributions welcome: poetry, songs, stories, etc.


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